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1. Ask God for His blessing & direction.

2. Group rates consist of 10 or more traveling together the same time.

3. Plan trip early. Get commitments. Plan fundraisers. Raise support.

4. Obtain Passports for the group. All passports must be current and do not expire 6 months prior to the trip departure date.

5. The deposit (usually $100) is due within 10 days of contract date.

6. Health records up to date.

7. Check with the mission for the dress code, items to bring, and other requirements.

8. Build ENTHUSIASM within your group for mission work.

9. All luggage must meet airline requirements.

10. Have one person in charge of the trip.

11. Before a group contract can be completed, the group leader must have in place, the travel dates, the total of the group(check with the mission on their limit they can accomadate), have most of the deposit money collected.

12. Have everyone's TSA information collected. This includes- Full name as it appears on the passport, DOB, and gender.

13. Most trips will consist of overnighting. This means sleeping in the airport or getting a hotel for the group. Take this into consideration when planning for the total needed for the trip.

14. Group trip protection is recommended, but not required. For this their TSA information will be needed.

15. Please call, or email us with any questions you may have.