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Mission Trips

MTTCLLC sets itself apart from other travel agencies when it comes to global mission travel. Our mission is to give back to the missions by offering the lowest travel cost available for mission and church groups. We also work with adjuncts in obtaining the lowest fares in order for them to help teach, short term for the mission they support.

‚ÄčMTTCLLC has obtained reduced fares for group travel (20 or more flying from two seperate airports with 10 or more in the group) with American Airlines. American is only offering these fares to agencies having National Accounts with American Airlines. The fares are available for church, mission, and student groups flying into South & Central America, portions of the Caribbean and Europe. The reduced fares (not publicly offered) can save each passenger between $200 - $400 of the published fare. This is a huge saving for groups wanting to serve. Please call me at (660) 537.2577 or email me at for more details.

We personally have severed on various mission fields, and currently have family members serving in the Caribbean. Missions are very dear to our heart.

MTTCLLC is a Christian based full service travel agency and affiliated with Nexion LLC, one of the largest host agencies in North America. By working with them and all their suppliers, MTTCLLC is capable of obtaining the most efficient means of travel for the lowest cost. By reducing your travel cost, you have more means to support your mission.

MTTCLLC negotiates with all the major airlines and air consolidators to find you the best available fare and itinerary, and will secure you the best contracted fare. Contracted fares apply to groups only (10 or more).

Contact MTTCLLC directly to get your quote for your next mission trip. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

Our goal is to help you save on your travel expenses so you can better serve Him.

By having MTTCLLC make all the trip arrangements, you have the time to prepare for the trip and not spend your time worrying about the details.



Mission Trip Details

So, your church, college, or organizational group is considering a mission trip? Before you get too involved with the plans, contact MTTCLLC. Even if you have planned trips in the past, did unexpected surprises occur? That's what we are here for, to stop surprises from happening. Here are a few quick tips.


Plan your trip as far out as possible (at least 9 months). Have one leader in charge of the trip and begin to promote the trip and build excitement. Discuss the particulars and requirements with the mission. Check with the mission on the total number they can accommodate, and set your maximum passengers accordingly.  Decide on the travel dates agreeable to both the mission and the group.

Have informational meetings, outlining the group maximum number, dates of travel, expectations, and continue to build excitement.  Have a waiting list sign up sheet if the maximum is met.

Then contact someone with MTTCLLC to answer your questions, and begin the process of contracting the fare. There are several advantages for a contracted fare, which we will be happy to discuss with you.
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